Who are we?

My name is Ellen Koster, 34 years old and I am married to Erik. In 2011, while studying Communication and Multimedia Design, I founded the company Skapandi Multimedia to be able to combine work and study. I started as a web designer, but over time I also started making printing, illustrations and stickers.

In 2020 I founded my 2nd company SpelKo. My creativity, interests and experience come together here in designing, developing and hosting group games.

I am Erik Ensing, 35 years old and am married to Ellen. After studying Civil Engineering, I did four years of research at Utrecht University, during which time I was mainly involved in designing flow models. I then worked for 2 years as a modeler at Aqua Vision and 3 years as an IT Consultant at Alten Nederland. Now I work at Tidalis on software for maritime traffic management.

I apply my experience in software programming within Skapandi.

Together we work on software that makes us less dependent on third parties:
Ellen as a designer, Erik as a software developer

Skapandi Multimedia

“Skapandi” is an Icelandic word. The raw, unspoilt nature and changing landscapes make Iceland a particularly impressive country. Ellen’s love for Iceland was born in 2008 and in 2017 she also made Erik fall in love with it during a beautiful tour. “Skapandi” stands for creative. That is exactly what we do: we build something from nothing using our creativity.